Friday, 13 July 2018

Why Book A Budget Hotel In Mahabaleshwar

A picturesque hill station that is located in the state of Maharashtra perfectly describes Mahabaleshwar. The place is very popular among the tourists and because it is nestled in the Sahyadri hills, the place is blessed with the pleasant weather. So, if you have not planned anything for the upcoming, Mahabaleshwar is the way to go. Not 0nly you will have unique places to relish but there are many homestayin Mahabaleshwar to assist you with great hospitality and accommodation within your budget. Take a look at the benefits you will be getting by booking a room for yourself in best budget hotel in Mahabaleshwar:
·         The best budget hotels in Mahabaleshwar are beautiful and extravagant. They are known for offering marvelous amenities and enchanting ambiance. These hotels at Mahabaleshwar are grand and you will be assisted with the magnificent rooms as per your needs. These hotels rooms are generally booked for special events like weddings and business meetings. The services of these hotels are just incomparable!
·         These budget homestay in Mahabaleshwar are scattered throughout the region. These hotels have a well-informed help desk and assist you with all the details about the respective place. They will also assist you with the information regarding the nearby traveling places. These hotels can also help you by arranging short trips to nearby locations. They will also offer car rental services at very economical rates.
·         The rooms in the best budget hotels in Mahabaleshwar are apt for double occupancy. They will offer you most enticing local cuisine of Maharashtra with North Indian and continental food. The rates are affordable and the services are just too good.
So, get your reservations for the hotels online whenever you plan to visit Mahabaleshwar next time! Book your homestay in advance and relish the most lively stay.
JK Motel Hotel

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Check-In to the Best Budget Hotel in Mahabaleshwar for Ultimate Peace and Comfort!

Mahabaleshwar is a true paradise for couples to feel the romance in the hilly terrace and for the families to witness the enchanting nature. Blessed with scenic beauty, Mahabaleshwar cherishes the popularity of being the largest hill station of the state. So, if you want to get a home stay in Mahabaleshwar by feeling the cool breeze while sipping a hot coffee in a private setting, this place is the perfect getaway for you near Mumbai.

Now if you think that the extended vacation would cost you high on budget, Mahabaleshwar offers lucrative hotel options that fit your pocket without compromising the comfort. JK Motel Hotel is one such best budget hotel in Mahabaleshwar located in the Panchgani. Let’s find out what all you can get in booking the budget hotel in Mahabaleshwar.


The hotel offers you a variety of rooms to choose from including deluxe AC and non-AC rooms, family rooms, super deluxe non-AC and AC rooms. All the rooms are spacious and well-maintained. A spectacular sightseeing and a warm hospitality of staff will make you feel like home stay in Mahabaleshwar.


All the rooms are well-equipped with lavish amenities to make your stay pleasant. Free Wifi, LED TV, Power backup, daily housekeeping, attached private bathroom, ironing service, 24/7 staff availability and first-aid service are some of the facilities that hotel offers.


For food lovers, the budget hotel offers multi-cuisine restaurant and dining service while ensuring absolute hygiene. Fill your appetite and satisfy your taste buds with exotic appetizers and mouth-watering food options. From kids’ meal to a variety of veg and non-veg food, you can enjoy the lip-smacking dishes.

What’s Extra?

Wondering what extra you can get from the best budget hotel in Mahabaleshwar? Whether it is about arranging a tour or bus ticket, car rental or airport transfers, you may rest assured! So, book your home stay in Mahabaleshwar today!

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

WAI - A Short Trip From Panchgani And Mahabaleshwar

Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar are the most popular tourist destination in Maharashtra. For this reason, during the holiday season, all Hotels between Panchgani Mahabaleshwar are pre booked. In the glory of the greenest flora and majestic mountains is nestled a small city called WAI. The city is at reachable distance from Mahabaleshwar (around 32 kms) and Panchgani (around 13 kms) which makes it a short trip away. The landscape of WAI has presented some photographic views to the digital lens as well. Many marathi as well as bollywood films have featured the scenic beauty of the place. Even if you are staying at Best hotel in mahabaleshwar, it will take only half hour ride to reach WAI. The place has witnessed the upbringing of two of the Iron Warriors who later became the identity of the ruling families - Rani Lakshmi Bai of Jhansi and Gopikabai, wife of Nanasaheb Peshwa. During the visit, you can take a snack or lunch break at khanaval - traditionally set up Marathi lunch home. After relishing the marathi delicacies, a one night stay at wada (old fashioned marathi homes with multiple rooms and courtyard) is a good option. The people of WAI are hospitable, vibrant and always happy to welcome the travelers.

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Halt Your Worries and Enjoy Mahabaleshwar!

Whenever Indians go out to some destination, even if it is within India, they strive to get hold of their regional cuisine desperately. They are somehow talented in that sphere! Never mind. However, to those people who are planning to visit Mahabaleshwar on their recent vacation, a good news is waiting for all of you. Read on to find out what we are so eager to disclose. 

Food is the greatest concern
Mahabaleshwar is widely known for its diversity and eye-catchy attractions of which the majority is of great heights. The Lingmala Falls is one of a wonder as if, it avalanches into the Venna Lake and falls from a height of almost 600 feet which is a big range. When talking about heights how can we even forget about Wilson Point whose fame is because of its being the highest peak in Mahabaleshwar ranging up to 1439 m. Out of so many splendid places, we almost forgot to give the good news to the tourists waiting for our words. Mahabaleshwar apart from all its fantastic alluring points has JK Motels, which, apart from featuring itself as a very cordial budget hotel with modern amenities, also features as a provider of Jain food facility at Mahabaleshwar.
Delivery system quenches the food thirst
Now, how awesome is that! We know that people are equally full of glee after seeing this news. In fact, food delivery in Mahabaleshwar is also very active and people will not encounter any sort of problem with eating which majority of the tourists are heard of complaining. This time the holidays will only be reserved for sightseeing and no fretting about how to get sumptuous foods.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Get the Taste of Home in Mahabaleshwar

Often the very first thought that hinders your mind while planning for any trip is where shall you get the quality food, as it is something that is must. Then come to a lot of things which needs to be pondered upon before heading towards any trip, the major portion includes your stay & the food. One always looks for quality in specifically these two things & there is no harm in it. Trust me it is always about the inner satisfaction, you must spend your bucks onto the things which satisfy you to the core. 

No doubt traveling is fun, but a planned trip turns out to give you the best possible memories for a lifetime. So why not lead a planned trip?

Most of us are very much fond of the nature’s beauty one such place signifying the scenic beauty is “Mahabaleshwar” in Maharashtra. One must visit this place for once in their lifetime and you really need not worry about the accommodation problem there, as there is a number of hotels providing you such services wherein they come up with packages including your stay, food & providing you sightseeing. I would like to name this very attractive, affordable & comfortable hotel in Mahabaleshwar named as the “JK MOTELS” it is probably one of the best hotels in Mahabaleshwar they provide you with food of all the continents ranging from Italian, Mexican, Indian to a lot more varieties, There special attraction being the quality of food they offer to be the best veg non veg hotels inMahabaleshwar, apart from that, there are so many other pure veg hotelsin Mahabaleshwar at very low prices.

Therefore, you can understand that your stay in Mahabaleshwar will be comfortable especially due to the availability of the food of your choice. Thus, when you visit Mahabaleshwar the next time, don’t forget to try out the exotic delicacies. 

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Enjoy Your Weekend Trip to Mahabaleshwar

With one of the few evergreen forests of India, Mahabaleshwar served as the summer capital of Bombay province during the British Raj. It is one the best places to visit for all the nature freaks at least once in their lifetime. As the name is historic in itself, the place also signifies the history of our country. It features several elevated viewing points, such as Arthur’s Seat. West of here is centuries-old Pratapgad Fort, perched atop a mountain spur. East, Lingmala Waterfall tumbles off a sheer cliff. Colorful boats dot Venna Lake, while 5 rivers meet at Panch Ganga Temple to the north.

One should not stay forever at a single place for lifelong and must explore some new places in their lifetime, traveling brings power & love back in your life. Among so many scenic beauties, Mahabaleshwar is one of the finest places to explore. There comes a lot of planning when you are planning a trip, such as where to stay, what are the places to travel & most importantly the food. When planning for the best budget hotel in Mahabaleshwar, there is no need to waste your time, energy and data in searching out the most comfortable and affordable hotels in Mahabaleshwar. JK Motels is one of the best places to stay at affordable prices. The feeling of homestay in Mahabaleshwar can be experienced here. They also provide you sightseeing facilities, with the perk being we can book the rooms or vehicles anytime, a place that gives you the feel of home. So why to waste your holidays, sit and get depressed? Rather plan out this trip to Mahabaleshwar and gather some fond memories for a lifetime. Somebody rightly said, “time once gone is gone forever and at the end, all we are really left is with memories or regrets”.